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Limited Time Special Discount + Bonus Crazy Fat Loss Kettlebell Circuit

Why am I the ideal guy to help you pop open a six pack?

The legendary before photo!

There’s just more to love, baby!

Would you let Joe the Plumber do work on your teeth? No? So what makes sane people sink hard-earned cash into abs products on late-night TV? That would be as crazy as trusting a diet pulled from a celebrity mag, right?

Yet this is why 99% of people spend years trying and failing to get that six pack they’ve always dreamed of. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see my point here...

You heard all about my qualifications earlier, but over on the left there’s another reason I am hugely qualified to help you get that six pack.

Yep, that’s me in all my glory during my big boy days. One key point I skipped before is I know first-hand exactly what it takes to go from chunky to chiseled.

I got a pretty good start on life: by my senior year of high school, I was appearing for the USA East water polo team. I kept playing at college but within a couple of years there, my shoulders were so beaten up my own doctor told me the damage was inoperable.

Somehow, that didn’t stop me playing. But by the start of my doctorate, I’d piled on 30 pounds. This time, all my joints hurt and my doctor wanted to test me for arthritis and Lyme disease.

The Road to Real Ab Strength

The buff after video

Unannounced Bonus Fat Loss Video!

As it turns out, I was suffering from obesity. I finally began to put the pieces together and use the right strategies: I rehabbed my joints, lost 32 pounds and 17% body fat and basically changed my life.

But really that was just the start. As well as earning my doctorate and other certifications, I have worked in some of the best hospitals, rehab facilities and gyms in the U.S. - including my own fitness center.

All of this has led to a point where I’m now asked to appear on TV to explain major fat loss discoveries I’ve made, like my cutting-edge Metabolic and Neural Training Protocols.

I went through the science behind these protocols earlier. But, in a nutshell, they ramp up your response to any exercise program, hugely accelerating your results. They are what makes Ab Strength a doctor-guaranteed way to get real abs in a hurry and have a blast doing it.

Too much hype? Hey, I think I’ve earned some bragging rights with Ab Strength.
In fact, considering I’m almost giving it away, I’d go as far as to call it:


The main Ab Strength program includes five info-rich video modules. Each of which has me leading you through a 10-minute workout of 10 different exercises. We push it, but we get results! You can put the modules on your iPod so I'm right there with you like a virtual trainer.

If you're still grinding out old-school crunches, you'll be surprised there are so many ways to target your abs. Take a look at the graphic titles for an idea. This variety helps you avoid plateaus and stay motivated and it means Ab Strength scales easily for any fitness level.

These modules are all you need to pop open a six pack of true, functional ab strength. But I want to make this an absolutely for sure thing so you also get all of this:

Ab Strength Support Package

1. The Secret Ab Formula
The Secret Ab Formula is a 35-minute presentation that covers everything you need to know about abs, and then some. This is packed with good stuff but you'll love the fact or fiction segment: I bust more abs myths and reveal a long list of secrets even most fitness pros haven't heard before.
2. The Real Story With Dieting
The Real Story With Dieting is a special audio that gives you the inside line on why gimmicky diets just don't work and how they can actually leave you worse off. For the record, realistic eating is always better than restrictive dieting. Ditch the cabbage soup! This audio comes with a full transcript.
3. Productive Resistance Training
Productive Resistance Training is another special audio - this time on motivation. If you've ever taken on any challenge, you'll know just how important the right mindset is. I share all of my best goal-achievement strategies to give you a real "head start." This also comes with a full transcript.


When you add these extras to Ab Strength, you're working with some serious tools. But we're not done yet because I also want to give you these mega-bonuses:

Ab Strength Mega-Bonus Package

1. Lift Hard Play Hard System

This is your chance to get a FREE month in my flagship Lift Hard Play Hard system. LHPH is my most tried and true program. Naturally, it's also built on metabolic and neural training so it delivers incredible results.

You can see what it includes on the left: over 100 workouts, over 600 exercise videos, 12 fitness videos like Secret Ab Formula, pain prevention videos plus a stack more.

It's an incredibly comprehensive package and you get a whole month to check it out totally free.

2. Weight Loss Cardio
You're also going to get Weight Loss Cardio totally free. Earlier, I told you how ineffective standard cardio is. But cardio can be a fat blasting tool when you know how to use it the right way to get results.

And once you see the five videos and 25-page manual that come with WLC, you will definitely know what to do plus when to do it. No more running to nowhere like a mouse on a wheel after you've seen this.
3. Abs for Backs Guide
Plus, you'll also be getting the Abs For Backs Guide free. Even most pros don't realize muscle balancing is a key factor in getting a flat six pack. If they did, they wouldn't be telling you to do crunches.

If you only work your front, your abs muscles overshorten, hunching you forward. So, to get those washboard ripples in the front, you actually need to be just as strong in the back. Kind of counterintuitive but true!


And, naturally, you get full support from Dr. Kareem Samhouri. Yeah, me! I've done everything in my power to make Ab Strength easy to follow. But if you have questions, just shoot me an e-mail and I'll shoot you back a personalized reply teed up to keep you getting the results you deserve.

Outstanding! How do I get started?

The only thing you need to do is click that gorgeous orange Add to Cart button below.
You will find a 100% secure purchase page on the other end of the Add to Cart button.

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$69 $47! 

But what if I don't get amazing results?

Thanks for asking! If Ab Strength doesn't give you amazing results, you're covered by my iron-clad, no-hassle 60-day money-back guarantee. That gives you two whole months with the program. But, I'm going to take it to the next level and also give you a replacement program totally free.


As you can see, I offer a range of programs that achieve specific results. If Ab Strength isn't the right match, you get to choose a new program totally free. Why am I doing this? Well, to be honest, because I know Ab Strength will deliver - but also because I go the extra mile for my clients.

Just like Ab Strength takes you beyond standard core training, my guarantee one ups any kind of standard offer. That's the Dr. K difference. No-one else offers anything like this. Whichever way you look at it, you win.

 32% OFF!!! 

Thanks... can I maybe think it over?

Sure...... Ok, done yet? But, seriously, what about Ab Strength doesn't impress you? The fact that it's based on hard-core science? That it's fully doctor- endorsed? That it's so comprehensive? That it's available at a 32% discount? That it's covered by a double guarantee?

Or maybe it's that you can get real abs in a hurry and have a blast doing it? Or that you can build the lean core that is vital to living a long, healthy life whether you're beginner or advanced, male or female, 25 or 65.

Yep, I can see how any one of those things would give you pause! But to get results, you need to take action. And I'd hate to think you missed this incredible chance because you didn't take action right now.

When you're ready, click the big orange button to place your 100% secure order. I'll send you a quick e-mail and you can begin downloading your resources immediately. It's that simple. Don't worry if this is new for you, there are full instructions and you can contact me anytime.

 32% OFF!!! 


Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri, CSCS, HFS
Doctor of Physical Therapy - University of Miami
B.S. Kinesiology - Pennsylvania State University
Certified Health and Fitness Specialist - American College of Sports Medicine
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist - National Strength and Conditioning Association
Founder - Global Fitness LLC Master Trainer and Master Therapist Certifications

Total Ab Strength Package

You receive all this for just $47 (32% discount)

Immediate access to download Ab Strength and all its bonuses.

  • Ab Strength Guide
  • Lift Hard Play Hard
  • Secret Ab Formula
  • Mindset/Dieting Audios
  • Weight Loss Cardio
  • Abs for Backs Guide

The first 30 days of LHPH are Totally Free. You will be billed $67/month after your first 30 days in LHPH. You can cancel at any time.

You are also covered for all of the following

  • Complete refund of $47 on Ab Strength anytime within 60 days.
  • Immediate access to a second program if you decide to cancel.
  • Continued access to LHPH for 30 days, even if you cancel.
  • Direct access to Dr. K to answer any questions about the program.

 32% OFF!!! 



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